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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Bannack 17x 65

2/22/11 - 4:49 p.m. Bannack, MT

Canon EOS Rebel T2i, Landscape, f/9.0 1/200 sec

EDITS: Dynamic Photo, Photoshop Adjustment Layers.

Process: I chose this image because I knew I wanted to print a Panorama to put in my hallway. I also feel like with this image. I always knew what was going on and so I was able to make it look the way I wanted it to.
To start off I brought the image into photoshop and merged them, I then took it into Dynamic Photo and put it through the HDR process because I really wanted to make the colors more vivid and bring out the colors in the sky. Afterwards, I brought it into Photoshop and made adjustment layers to bring out different parts of the photo. I also added a levels and color Balance. I used the level to darken it then I masked out the middle so it only affected the edges. I also cropped the length a bit.
Printing it wasn't difficult, everything went smoothly because I followed the correct process. I did have a hard time finding a frame though. So after buying a few full length mirrors that were kind of , bleh. I ended up going to ace Hardware and building my own with would that I had them precut for me. Angles and all. I then put it together with nails, that didn't work, and then screws which totally worked. Overall, I'm very happy with my result and I'm excited to hang it in my house.

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