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Monday, January 31, 2011

Camera Raw Edit


1. Measuring Cups; 1/31/11 9:30 a.m. f/11 1/200 sec; ISO 400; Canon EOS Rebel T2i
I took this picture on my window sill with natural lighting. I edited in camera and used all the basic editing bumped it up or down in each department and then I used the adjustment brush to get the exact effect I wanted in each spot.


1: Train; 1/30/11 10:30 a.m. Rexburg, ID; f/11 1/200 sec Landscape mode; Canon EOS Rebel T2i
I found out I wasn't allowed over here after I took the pictures! Oh well, I already took them! I also made a few edits in Camera Raw and Photoshop.

2: The Horse and the Silos; 1/30/11 9:45 a.m. Rexburg, ID; f/10 1/400 sec EF-S55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS Canon EOS Rebel T2i

I took this one with my telephoto lense cause it was a bit to far away for my other one. My shutter speed was a bit faster because of the horse. I made a few edits and used content aware fill on the edges and corners.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Non Destructive Editing

Big Willow: Rexburg, ID 1/23/11 4:22 p.m.; f/18 1/125 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T2i
Big Willow After: Smart Filters: I paced this image in Photoshop in order for it to be a Smart Object. I did this by clicking File>Place> then selecting the image I wanted. After that I adjusted the layers (non destructively) and contrast Then I applied the smart filters. I started of by sharpening it with the Hard Light option and liked it there but wanted to a bit more to the photo. I then applied a water paper filter and adjusted it to my preference. After all of this I again adjusted my layers to get a better color.
Berries Before: 1/23/11 3:28 p.m. ; f/5.6 1/320; Canon EOS Rebel T2i Macro Setting
Berries After: I used Non destructive editing on this photo. I added a couple of different adjustment layers by clicking on the Yin-Yang button. I first changed the levels a bit and then upped the contrast. I also changed it to black and white and brought out the red in it. After that I added a mask and painted over the berries and a few other thorns to bring the red out a bit. The Blur was already there. I had a lot of fun editing this one.

Flora and Fauna

1. Pokie; Rexburg, ID 1/23/11 3:23 p.m.; f/10 1/200 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T2i.
For my first Flora photo I got close up to a plant in my back yard. I had it on Macro Setting. and loved the blur I got in the background. I adjusted levels and curves in Photoshop.
1. Willow; Rexburg, ID; 1/23/11 4:23; f/4.0 1/800 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T2i
I have always loved willows. They are my favorite tree and when I saw this one covered in frost I couldn't help but pull over and take a picture. I got a lot of different angles but I liked the lines and the different perspective of this one. I adjusted the levels and added a black and white effect and brought out the blue a bit. I also brought up the contrast.

1. Horse: Rexburg, ID; 1/23/11 4:16 p.m.; f/18; 1/60 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T2i
I has a really hard time getting my fauna pictures. I couldn't get close enough to the animals finally I pulled some weeds and held my hand out to the horse and he came right over! I wish I would have thought of that a little bit earlier. I adjusted levels in photoshop.

Monkey: Rexburg, ID; 1/23/11 3:38 p.m.; f/4.0 1/60 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T2i
I found this monkey while on my search for faunas! Just for fun :) I made adjustments in photoshop to bring out the blue in his eyes and used a mask to only change the blue in his eyes and the sweatshirt.

Monday, January 17, 2011



I took both of these Main photos in Jackson, WY this weekend and I took both texture shots when I got home. I overlaid each image with the texture and decreased the opacity. I also got rid of the texture in certain parts of the image that I wanted to show through more.

Snow Texture; 1/16/11 9:07 a.m.; Rexburg, Id; f 7.0; 1/3999 Canon Rebel EOS T2i
Jaime and Ryan Antlers; 1/15/11 4:58 p.m.; Jackson, WY; f 4.0; 1/60 Canon Rebel EOS T2i

Sheer Drapes texture; 1/15/11 10:00 a.m.; rexburg, id; f 5; 1/1600 Canon Rebel EOS T2i
Moose; 1/14/11 3:30 p.m.; Jackson, WY; f 4.5; 1/60 Canon Rebel EOS T2i


The color I chose was blue.

Water Pump;1/16/11 9:07 a.m. Rexburg, ID, f 5.6; 1/4000 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Leaf; 1/16/11 9:00 a.m. Rexburg, ID; f 5.6 1/1000 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T2i
Under the Table; 1/16/11 8:45 a.m. Rexburg, ID; f 5.6 1/500 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T2i Shallow Depth of Field
Picnic Table; 1/16/11 8:30 a.m. Rexburg, ID; f 4.0 1/3999 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T2i
Post Register; 1/16/11 8:04 a.m. Rexburg, ID; f 5.6 1/80 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T2i Deep depth of field.
Tunnel; 1/16/11 8:56 a.m. Rexburg, ID; f 5.6 1/3999 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T2i

I took these shots all in one morning. I wanted to get good lighting but I'm never out of school early enough to get any late afternoon light! Anyway, People driving by probably thought I was crazy because I was running around in the snow hunting for BLUE!
I had a really hard time trying to get a photo in Aperture Priority with the Foreground and Background in focus at the same time. My attempt is the picture of the picnic table and tree with the trees in the background in focus. I've practiced this since but I'm still struggling so Maybe some of you guys could give me some tips :)

Monday, January 10, 2011


Partial Cut Out

Full Cut Out

Picture 1:
1. Yellow Fish
2. 12/07/2009 5:28 p.m.
3. Monterey Bay Aquarium
4. f/2.8
5. 1/25 sec Canon Powershot SD790 IS
6. There wasn't really much of a process for this one. I didn't know much about photography at this point of my life, but I did know enough to know that the flash would reflect off the glass so I made sure to turn it off! This day was a lot of fun at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Picture 2:
1. My Jeff Driving
2. 08/03/2010 7:35 p.m.
3. Car Highway 50 Placerville, CA
4. f/5.6
5. 1/100 sec Canon EOS Rebel T2I
6. My husband had just given me this new camera and I took picture, after picture, after picture of him. I was still trying to figure it out. I had it on an Auto Portrait setting.

Old Photos

Picture 1
1. My ring
2. 06/03/2010
3. Rexburg, Id Bowling Alley
4. f/2.8
5. 0.5 sec Canon Powershot SD790 IS
6. This was the day my husband proposed to me and I couldn't help but take millions of pictures of my ring, everywhere I went including the bowling alley, I took this on top of a bowling ball and stabilized my camera as much as I could. It was on a macro setting and I was super excited about the picture. Because I felt like I was starting to learn more about my camera... and because I loved my ring :)

Picture 2
1. Dandelion
2. 07/07/2010 8:06 p.m.
3. Rexburg, Id
4. f/2.8
5. 1/60 sec Canon PowerShot SD790 IS
6. I took this photo for my Advanced Visual Media Class. We were required to include a Photo Slideshow on out Website and I didn't have very many pictures. I had just learned how to use the macro setting when I shot my ring and so I tested it out on the HUGE dandelions across from the Temple. I got as close up as the camera would let me and edited the colors just a bit to give it a cooling effect.

Picture 3
1. The City of Auburn
2. 11/08/2010 12:54 p.m.
3. Auburn, Ca
4. f/4.5
5. 1/800 sec Canon EOS Rebel T2I
6. I took this picture as my Husband and I were driving back from Idaho to California. I had it on an Action setting so I could take as many pictures possible. I just kept snapping away but then I paused fora moment and focused on the lines and placement of the photo and this is the picture of the Auburn City Hall that I liked the most.

Picture 4
1. The Color of Sharyl
2. 4/16/2010 7:10 p.m.
3. My car: El Dorado Hills, Ca
4. f/8
5. 1/60 sec Canon Powershot SD790 IS
6. This picture is from my Best friends Sharyl's Wedding. I had my bouquet in my cup holder and my squirt in the other. I thought the colors looked beautiful together :) I adjusted the levels and brought the yellow out a little bit more.

Picture 5
1. Crazy Asher
2. 8/29/2010 11:30 a.m.
3. My home Folsom, Ca
4. f/4.0
5. 1/60 sec Canon EOS Rebel T2I
6. I was testing out my portrait mode on my little cousin Asher. He was being super crazy. I didn't adjust this one at all but l loved how well the camera focused in on him and blurred out the background.

Picture 6
1. Trees in Tahoe
2. 11/08/2010 12:09 p.m.
3. Tahoe
4. f/5.6
5. 1/2000 sec Canon EOS Rebel T2I
6. I took this picture while we were flying down Donner Pass in South Tahoe. I focused in on a closer tree and it all the trees far out in the distance were so subtle that it made that tree stand out. I was surprised it focused in so well even though we were going 65 mph.

Picture 7
1. Ferris Wheel
2. 8/31/2009 10:09 p.m.
3. California State Fair: Cal Expo: Sacramento, California
4. f/9
5. 2.0 sec. - Canon Powershot SD790 IS
6. I took this with my point and shoot at a State Fair. I had just learned how to take this type of photo and I held it as still as I could While it took a picture of the Ferris Wheel.