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Monday, February 21, 2011

Night and Lights

I heart Jimmy Johns; 2/20/11 2:17 a.m. Rexburg, ID; f/6.3, 1.6sec, Shutter Priority; Canon EOS Rebel T2i: This is my Camera Motion Painting. It is of Jimmy Johns and you can see the sign "Jimmy Johns" repeated three times throughout the picture. I drew an upside down heart with my camera which made it appear the correct way.
The Snow Plower: 2/20/2:07 a.m. Rexburg, ID; f 6.3, 0.8 sec; Shutter Priority; Canon EOS Rebel T2i: This image is actually for my moving objects at night. I took this picture while the snowplower was coming towards me. I had my lights off so I didn't let in too much light and then I realized, "with my lights off he might not be able to see me back here." So I had to hurry and get out of there. It was quite the adventure.
Glow Stick Twirl- a-whirl: 2/20/11; 2:45 a.m. Rexburg, ID, f/6.3; 13.0 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T2i: This is my Light Painting. I used glow sticks and set it for 13 seconds. I spun 4 different glow sticks in front of the camera. Some more than one to create this image that looks like the edge of a flower.
Jimmy; 2/20/11 2:14 a.m. Rexburg, ID; f/6.3, 1/10 sec; Canon EOS Rebel T2i: With this image I tried using one of the effects from that Dan image from our Case Study. Meaning I set the camera up took the picture and then while the shutter was still open I turned my car headlights on for a second and turned them back off so it didn't let in too much light. Justwanted to show my attempt.
Cowboy Bar: 1/30/11; 6:00 p.m. Jackson,Wy; f/4.6, 1/50sec; Canon EOS Rebel T2i: This image is actually from a couple weeks ago but I wanted to add it on for this week anyway. I just liked the way it turned out.


  1. Annie- I love your fine art templates. The monkey one looks like something you would see in a magazine. And the one of the train looks really great in the template. It fits well. Your night and light photography is very good, too. I love the heart light painting. I enjoyed looking at all of your pictures.

  2. Annie, I was really impressed with your use of what we learned in the case study. I also liked the "Glow Stick twirl", and the composition that you created by spinning the glow sticks in front of the camera. All of your photos seem to be well thought out, and composed very well. Light is a very powerful element in your photos, so keep up the great work!

  3. Your Cowboy Bar is AWESOME, I love it. Great lighting. Good job!

  4. Annie, you have too many comments for me to post one for credit, but I couldn't resist anyway! I seriously love your monkey AND the text! Not only that, but I would like for you to draw me some hearts sometime. That would be cool :) AND your glowsticks that look like neon bubbles are my FAVORITE!!!